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flynyon nyc doors off helicopter tour

ok guys! the skinny on this helicopter tour. i had seen tons of photos online of these cool doors-off helicopter flights over manhattan. i had looked in to buying tickets but they were just too expensive. $250 per person was the base price for a 15-16 minute doors off ride over the southern end of manhattan, so lady liberty, one world trade center, etc, not even going above central park. it was just too much. we took a helicopter ride once before (doors on) in july in las vegas, flying from vegas to the grand canyon (like a 30-40 min helicopter ride one way), landing in the grand canyon, getting out taking pictures and having a picnic, and then flying back to vegas. i think those tickets were about $300 a piece so the nyc prices just seemed like way too much. flynyon has 35% or 25% or 15% coupons all the time, but even at 35% off that was $163 a ticket times two of us = $326 for just 15 minutes over the southern tip of manhattan, i just couldnt pull the trigger. i was following t

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