Best Bar Overlooking Central Park & Life in January

The Aviary, in the Mandarin Hotel, at Columbus Circle

do you ever have such a great christmas break that it makes getting back to "real life" and back in to the swing of things, really, really, tough? that's been me this month but i really didnt want january to pass without writing a blog post. so, i thought i might as well be honest and write this review about what i've been up to lately in my free time. and other than visiting this STUNNING bar that overlooks central park, and is an absolute new FAVORITE of mine, I've pretty much been up to one thing and one thing only: binge-watching different TV series.
I was never too in to TV series until recently when one of my best friends was RAVING about this newish show, Sharp Objects. She said she had read the book that the show was based off of multiple times and had watched the whole series a couple times too. (i know, insane!) She was obsessed and her and i have very similar tastes when it comes to loving psychological thrillers. this is by far my favorite genre. NOT horror movies, i dont like them at all or any kind of spiritual demonic movies, but murder mysteries and psychological thrillers i can never get tired of. I love good suspense and unexpected plot twists and turns. :) So anyways i thought gosh if she loves it so much i've got to at least give it a try. Oh my goodness. it did not disappoint!!!! I watched the entire series in like two days. then i was of course jonesing for another one. I believe the next one i watched that this same friend recommended was The Alienist (NOT about aliens) it was OK! Next was "You", on Netflix, omg... VERY GOOD!!!! great twists and turns and thoroughly enjoyed it!!! Last and certainly not least and omg dont make fun of me because it is SO FREAKING GOOD--Riverdale.... I KNOW, I KNOW, people my age shouldn't LOVE Riverdale, but i 100% do!!!!!!!!! It's SOOOOO GOOD!!!! Im absolutely obsessed. Watched all like 42 episodes (season one, two, and three which is still going on) in like a WEEK or so i think. I know. SO shameful. but i cant be mad because i love it so much. and the acting is SO GOOD! the writing is SO witty, it's crazy but SO good. also I realize Riverdale is not really in the psychological thriller genre but none the less SO entertaining and good. i think that about covers it for January.... I'm going to list all of them in the order in which i loved them and would recommend them (best to last), along with some other psychological thrillers i have enjoyed not necessarily in January, but still recently. I would love to hear if you guys have seen any of these and if so what your thoughts are on them!

1 - Riverdale, You can watch season 1 and 2 on Netflix, and season 3 which is still in progress on the CW app. Cute cliches and the challenges that one circle of friends face together in their town--so cute!!!
2 - Sharp Objects. on HBO, only 1 season, main star is Amy Adams (love her). For sure a dark show but deep enough to stick with it and watch to the end. twists and turns that make you have to finish the series. you will love. 
3 - You. on Netflix, only 1 season. Totally gripping show that again makes you keep watching to the end to see what will happen.... So good!
4 - The Alienist. Watched on the TNT app. Set in 1896 New York, an alienist (similar to a modern-day psychiatrist) tries to "get in to the mind" of a murderer in order to solve a string of related homicides.

Other shows and movies i have seen recently which i can rave about are:
1) Stranger Things--loved both season 1 and season 2 (on netflix)
2) Bird Box, similar to A Quiet Place, but loved it even more. Watch with friends or sig other (not alone) as it's creepy, but SO SO GOOD. 
3) The Terror --Only one season so far of this show, produced by Ridley Scott, and based off true events of two ships trying to discover the northwest passage in got a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. if that alone doesnt make you want to watch it, i dont know what will. So Good!

If you have shows you've seen recently and loved, I'd love to hear about them!


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