best Halloween decorated brownstone in all of nyc (upper west side)

ok, I know halloween just passed so i know i'm a bit late, but i wanted to get this out on a blog post because i was so proud/happy/and excited that we (my husband daniel and i) found this incredibly decorated home!!!! in my opinion this is the best decorated brownstone in all of nyc. a lot of "instagramers" take photos of it but it seems like some are not willing to say exactly where it is/it's exact location. I understand not wanting people to copy your photos, but in my opinion i feel like if there's any city where there's enough to go around, it's in nyc!! additionally the lady/family who lives here has a sign up that asks people to tag her instagram name when taking photos with her house. it feels like it's her work ultimately that's created such an amazing photo so i think she would want people to visit her beautiful home that she put so much work and effort in to! her instagram name is @elegantmadesimple, so please tag her when you take beautiful pictures of/with her home!!! her home is located on West 94th St between Columbus and Central Park West. Happy Halloween!!!!


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