Magical Harry Potter-Themed Cocktail Potion Mixology Class

last tuesday the week was cold and already dragging. looking to spice things up and speed up the weekend arriving, i started my usual rabbit hole of keyword searches of fun things to do in the city that would be up my ally. i don't actually remember how i found this event probably because when i did find it, i was so excited that everything else faded in to the background...all i could think about was this jackpot treasure trove of an event i had just found. it's the kind of event that you would only want to go to if you A) enjoy having a few drinks, and B) are a hardcore harry potter fan. how do i define hardcore harry potter fan you ask? this would be someone who has waited in line for over an hour and a half in london to get a picture with your cart entering halfway in to the famous platform nine and three quarters (done it). Someone who has celebrated their 21st birthday at harry potter world (a friend has done it and my raging jealousy of this may prevent us from being friends anymore). Someone who has seen the harry potter play on broadway (will do this once i win broadway lottery tickets for this). Someone who has visited Alnwick Castle in Northumberland England (will do this once i win the actual lottery). Someone who's read the books of course, and lastly, someone who can essentially watch any of the movies at any given time regardless of how many times they've seen them before, and still be transcended in to a whimsical, magical, euphoric state of joy. no, im not on drugs i just love harry potter. anyways, enough about the fandom and on to the event. this is technically a pop-up bar which kind of frustrates me. these are the types of events we need year round in the city if you ask me, but whatever, it's fine. the company that hosts the event is called The Cauldron and they started in london. the event is a fantasy-inspired potion class where you "brew your own potions with molecular mixology". their advertisement states "unleash your inner child", and honestly you can really do that here, as long as you go with another avid HP fan (luckily Daniel is:). when you arrive you receive a wand as well as a robe. everyone dons these robes and is seated at bench-like tables of 4 or 6 or 8, just like you would see in a potions class scene in the movies. you're with other fans that are equally as crazed and excited as you are that this is actually a thing, and a teacher, or i should say, potions master, ahem! guides the groups of 4 or 6 at your table on how to mix your ingredients together and in what order to create your delectable refreshment. there's a magical and creative twist to each drink and i just love that--it's the small details and touches they add to the event that make this whole thing so well done. tickets are $45 per person during off-peak seating: Monday-Wednesday all day and Thursday-Friday 11am-4:45pm, and $55 per person during peak seating: Thursday-Friday 5pm-close, and Saturday and Sunday all day. i know it's a bit steep but each ticket does include three drinks per person. i should mention that all drinks can be non-alcoholic as well. you book tickets online through this website The Cauldron NYC, very easy to book. as for the location of this event, of course it's located in the real-life diagon alley aka stone street in the heart of the financial district of manhattan. stone street in and of itself is quite possibly the most charming street in all of manhattan so even just going there is fun! the event is held on the second floor of the Bavaria Bierhaus restaurant. the address is 19 S William St OR, 46 Stone Street, New York NY 10004. i know it's weird, but both addresses will get you to the same place. Last comment, i felt kind of bad making my thumbnail picture the fire-breathing dragon's breath cocktail, because this drink is actually NOT included as one of the three drinks you get with your ticket, but rather it costs extra. but if you're lucky like us, the couple across from us got this drink and so it was made right in front of us as well. you might consider splitting the drink with another couple but even if not you're sure to get a view of the drink being made at one of the tables. with all those muggles in one room someone is bound to get one. (ha-ha-ha, cheezy i know!) have you done any harry potter-themed events in nyc or elsewhere? im always looking for places i can experience the magic :) 


  1. Sounds like a fun time! I enjoyed this whimsical review. Maybe now, I will finally be inspired to read the Harry Potters after all this time! Thanks!

    1. there is a famous line in the movie that professor Snape says "after all this time, always"!!! did you know that? i feel like that's a sign that you NEED to read them! Oh man you will love. thank you so much for your comment! :)


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