November 3rd-the best fall foliage day in NYC and, the NY Marathon

Let it be known that November the 3rd (or the first week of november) is the single best day to be in NYC in the fall. more specifically, Central Park. The temperature on the third was absolutely perfect. A crispness in the air, but not too cold, and the leaves are at their absolute peak colors this day. While it's always best to visit Central Park on a weekday in my opinion because of the inevitable hoards of people (even more than usual) that are there on the weekends, if you find yourself in the city on the third of november, get your butt to the park; "the mall" specifically (google "the mall central park" if you dont know what i'm talking about). also bow bridge, one of the most famous spots in all the park and close to the mall. on to the second half of the title of this post "the NY Marathon". a bonus of visiting nyc on november the third (or on november the 2nd as it will be in 2019), is that you are there the day before the famous (infamous?) new york marathon. i realize youre probably thinking, "what the heck do i care to be at central park the day before the nyc marathon?" I would be thinking the same thing, except for when i stumbled upon the set up of all the bleachers and the finish line and all the preparations last Saturday, i was struck with an excitement in the air that i can't put in to words but that was absolutely magical! When i stopped to ask myself "why is this so cool julie", i came up with this answer: in my humble opinion of only having been a new yorker for a little over a year, new york has a love/hate relationship with the NY marathon. The city seems to shut down and it's chaos to try to go about your daily sunday routine and roads are blocked and your uber drivers are re-routed and it's honestly really just a big pain. I think we (by we i mean all of New York), WANT to be really excited for these people (the runners) because we understand what an INCREDIBLE feat these people are accomplishing, but we just can't quite get there because a) we're not runners, and b) they're inconveniencing our weekend. Anyways, being there the day before and seeing the whole set up and finish line in the park is great. You feel like you get a taste of the excitement and experienced some of the race without the chaos of the actual day. Needless to say, successful Sunday! Please leave a comment on your favorite time of year (season) to visit the city and let me know if you've had any run-ins/experiences with the NY marathon good or bad!:)


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